Our team is growing, and we need your help to expand our program to all levels to give all of our athletes training and athletic competition. Magnolia Champions compete in basketball, tennis, bowling, bocce, and track and field. Unfortunately due to the pandemic Special Olympics is on hold until further notice, though virtual activities are hosted by SOTX.

 For more information, please do not hesitate to call, Megha Vansadia, at 832-858-4641.

- Raj Hope Academy - 

Did you know that once an individual with special needs graduates from high school they can no longer participate in Special Olympics competitions through their school district?  

This is exactly why Bruce Jones started Magnolia Champions. Our athletes are all young adults that have aged out of area high schools. Our team was formed through the efforts of parents for the purpose of allowing our children to continue to grow through the social benefits and self-esteem gained by competing in the many different Special Olympics sports year round.